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ClassNotFoundError ArrayList

Run the program by specifying fully classified name. It works!
java arrayList.ArrayListStrings

With out specifying package name, if you run it, it will throw NoClassDefFoundError.

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ClassNotFoundError in sql DriverNotFound
in eclipse follow this.. right click on your project-> build path -> add external archives -> select your jar all ok. run your class. in cmd follow this.. c:your folder>javac -cp your_path_of_mysql-connector.jar MysqlCon.java

Categories : Java
Lucene ClassNotFoundError when loading analyzer
The Lucene Analyzers are no longer in the Lucene core. Download the JAR (or add to your Maven dependencies) for the corresponding version here: http://mvnrepository.com/artifact/org.apache.lucene/lucene-analyzers

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Calling Java from RPG, ClassNotFoundError for all user except me
How about a CL program that explicitly sets the classpath and then calls your RPG program? The CLP: PGM ADDENVVAR ENVVAR('CLASSPATH') VALUE('.:/dir1:/dirA/dirB:/javaToolkit/jt400.jar') LEVEL(*JOB) CALL PGM(MYLIB/MYPGM) ENDPGM This page may also be helpful.

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Java adding ArrayList to ArrayList> replaces all elements of the ArrayList of ArrayLists
You are not creating a new Instance of temp everytime you call below, the same list is added into the list, which you are clearing.Remember it is the reference of the list which is added. public static void addToList(int num, ArrayList<ArrayList<Integer>> list) //Splits the two parts of the number and inserts the arraylist into the proper arraylist { // temp.clear();//

Categories : Java
Why is my original arraylist amended even though I only make changes to my ArrayList within the method without changing the orignal ArrayList
sortingList = a; Both references, sortingList and a are pointing to the same ArrayList object Check this question to see how to see how to clone the list: How to clone ArrayList and also clone its contents?

Categories : Java
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