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Screen capture delay due to writing data in the file

I think it is not possible as pointed by mah as well.

The code below will help you keep the app responsive while you are writing the image in memory.

This is because the UI/main thread is busy in writing the captured screenshot in memory. So the easiest way to solve this issue is AsyncTask.

public CaptureScreenShot extends
  ArrayList<bitmap> arrayListImage;
  int i=0;

  public void captureScreenshot()

     // store the image in arrayList "image"

     new BackgroudClass.execute();

 private class BackgroudClass extends
AsyncTask<Void, Void, Void> 
     protected Void doInBackgroud(Void.. params)
        // write the image from arrayList at

public onStop()
    arrayListImage = null; // making it eligible
for GC

Hope this helps.

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