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How to rename (refactor) a c macro in eclipse

  1. Open the rename dialog by typing Alt+Shift+R twice. See whether it works.
  2. Use SourceInsight smart rename function.
  3. As Basile mentioned, use text editor like Emacas and Vi.

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how to refactor/rename macros in Eclipse C++
I don't think Eclipse supports Macro refactoring since implementing a feature such as renaming a function is easier than implementing the same thing for, say a macro. I also looked at the Eclipse documentation and the rename action does not seem to have support for Macros.

Categories : C++
In Eclipse, how do you rename / refactor all names that occur AFTER the current one
I believe you can select that portion of the text and refactor only within the selected text. At worst you can copy/paste it into a new file, run the refactor, and then paste it back, but that's rather awkward.

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Disable information list in Eclipse on "Refactor" -> "Rename local Variable"
But as earlier said, Don't go against naming conventions. If still you want , Go to preferences ---> type "refa" ---> clickjava---> Uncheck the "Rename with out dialog" checkbox.

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How to perform the Eclipse->Refactor->Rename function programmatically for Java source code?
Write one simple JAVA program which reads all the java files from the current workspace location. Use the Files API and the move command to rename each of the file. JAVA 7 Files API

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Refactor rename custom annotation class member fields in java using eclipse
The two variables tempString are not "related" in Java terms. The compiler can't see that one use the other and can't discover by itself the logical relation between your 2 annotations. So Eclipse refactoring can't do that as is. If you want to achieve this kind of refactoring you have to develop an Eclipse plugin of your own, specific to your project.

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