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How to add items to a List Control in an MFC dialog

First, make sure you chose the Report option of the View property of the List Control in the Resource Editor. I suspect that you are using the default Icon view, which is not what you want.

Then, you need to add the required columns:

_T("Full Name"), LVCFMT_LEFT, 90);
_T("Profession"), LVCFMT_LEFT, 90);
m_lstIDC_LIST1Control.InsertColumn(2, _T("Fav
Sport"), LVCFMT_LEFT, 90);
m_lstIDC_LIST1Control.InsertColumn(3, _T("Hobby"),

Finally, you can populate your list items simply as follows:

int nIndex =
m_lstIDC_LIST1Control.InsertItem(0, _T("Sandra C.
m_lstIDC_LIST1Control.SetItemText(nIndex, 1,
m_lstIDC_LIST1Control.SetItemText(nIndex, 2,
m_lstIDC_LIST1Control.SetItemText(nIndex, 3,

nIndex = m_lstIDC_LIST1Control.InsertItem(1,
_T("Roger A. Miller"));
m_lstIDC_LIST1Control.SetItemText(nIndex, 1,
m_lstIDC_LIST1Control.SetItemText(nIndex, 2,
m_lstIDC_LIST1Control.SetItemText(nIndex, 3,

And so on ....

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