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System.out.println - cannot resolve symbol

Are you using any IDE or writing in a notepad and then compiling? If using IDE, check if JRE library is there in build path. If using plain editor, you may need to setup CLASSPATH environment variable with java library.

At least <java_home>jrelib t.jar is important one.

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Apache Storm-Starter: Intellij IDEA: Cannot resolve symbol 'LocalCluster'; Cannot resolve symbol 'LocalDPRC'
I had similar issue and I finally resolved by realizing that you need to do mvn clean install -DskipTests=true at the top storm directory to build your storm first.

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System.out.println(); and System.err.println(); printing interchangeably
Those are two different output streams, the order in which they are invoked is not the only thing that matters. They might flush their contents towards the console at a different time. Edit: after a bit more digging this answer indicates that it might be an (unresolved) eclipse bug as well. It's been open for 10 years, don't get your hopes up on a fix anytime soon.

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Cannot find symbol println
You concatenate Strings with + not , System.out.println("You have ", numGuards, " guards"); Should become System.out.println("You have " + numGuards + " guards");

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dyld: lazy symbol binding failed: can't resolve symbol
That error message indicates that you are linking against a Shared Library (dylib) which is not available in the library path at run time when you are executing it. If you have installed the framework in one of the standard locations (such as /Library/Frameworks) on your original build and in the same place when you checked it your and rebuilt, then you should be OK. However, there are some comp

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Why my program runs fast when I make a call to System.nanoTime() outside the System.out.println statement?
The second one creates a new StringBuilder and appends a String to it before taking the timings. The first one takes the timing before doing this extra work. The second one is equivalent to System.out.println(new StringBuilder().append("Time: ") .append(System.nanoTime() - t).toString()); or StringBuildler sb = new StringBuilder().append("Time: "); // included in timing l

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