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Spring MVC multi user application
This tutorial http://www.mkyong.com/spring-security/spring-security-form-login-using-database/ gives a good step by step direction on how to use spring security with a database based on user roles. I am not sure exactly what more you want that needs to be directly addressed in your question. The good thing with spring security is that you don't need to change your controllers. It uses a simple xml configuration and is independent of the platform you use.

Categories : Spring

Multi-user,Multi-Touch and simultaneous input
To my knowledge this is not currently possible on the Windows operating systems. I haven't heard of it being done in Windows but perhaps you could try to capture touch events and have another process emulate them into each window you want. I don't know if this sort of hacking is possible in Windows but i've seen it done in Linux systems.

Categories : C#

Prompt user to enter path when application starts very first time. Run or stop application depending upon user's action (OK or Cancel)
Application.Exit() will exits the message loop only which is the loop after you call Application.Run .. If you want to exit from whole application- try Environment.Exit(0) It would just kill the process.

Categories : C#

how to use shared preference on multi textview,multi checkbox,multi button and multi edit box in android?
Use these method to save and get values from any where in your app change parameter according to your requirment this method to save value in shared prefrences public static void setPref(Context c, String pref, String val) { Editor e = PreferenceManager.getDefaultSharedPreferences(c).edit(); e.putString(pref, val); e.commit(); } this method to get value from shared prefrences public static String getPref(Context c, String pref, String val) { return PreferenceManager.getDefaultSharedPreferences(c).getString(pref, val); }

Categories : Android

Debugging a frozen web application
Here are 4 ways of diagnosing this which I've used in the past. Each one is a bit more complicated and you might or not be able to use it in your environment. Connect the application to VisualVM and see if the status of the threads (you might have a deadlock). Another similar alternative is to take a thread dump from the JVM, and you can see if you have several threads waiting for a lock). This page explains how to take a thread dump. Yet another option if you still cannot find it with those tools, you might need to use a profiler such as YourKit and see what your app is doing. And the last one is to run the application in remote debug mode and whenever your app stops to work properly, you can connect from your IDE to see exactly where it hangs.

Categories : Java

Error Debugging MVC 4 web application on IIS
You can find an answer here This error is caused by mixed development environment. That means you have build the service with .NET 4 at he x64 machine and somebody else is trying to host the service at his x86 development machine If it doesn't work, check that the target framework is 4.0

Categories : C#

Debugging DSP Application Remotly With GDB and QT Creator
Ok i can see that you have 3 "apps" here Main app for the arm side The codec The server for the dsp side if i am right you can use Linux Os (if you have the virtual machine known as child and parent has ubuntu which you can find at ti website) so run this vm and Build the codec (make all command) Build the server (make build_server command) Build the app (make all command) hope this help but I wanna ask you how can I make this using ccs, I can build a separate project for the dsp or arm but I wanna build the whole system.. help me if you can ...Regards

Categories : Debugging

Debugging phonegap application with weinre
If you are using PGB, you do not need to add the JS script for debug, it does that for you at "compile time." So: Remove that script to the debug Rebuild the App in PGB and make sure you have the "debug" option checked in the app's settings When done building, OPEN THE DEBUG WINDOW FIRST before you open the app by clicking the "debug button" in the PGB app's settings Open your app and you should see your device listed as "Active" in the console

Categories : Android

debugging a VS2010 application in production
search for 'remote debugging', something like this: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/vstudio/y7f5zaaa.aspx ... but remote debugging c# apps is a pain.

Categories : C#

Crash Debugging Win32 Application
0:000> ?@esi+@edi Evaluate expression: 36278408 = 02299088 0:000> !address 02299088 ProcessParametrs 00311020 in range 00310000 00410000 Environment 02294848 in range 02290000 02390000 02290000 : 02290000 - 00100000 Type 00020000 MEM_PRIVATE Protect 00000004 PAGE_READWRITE State 00001000 MEM_COMMIT Usage RegionUsageHeap Handle 00310000

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debugging vb6 form inside 3rd party application
It's right there; you just didn't see it. If your form is hosted inside a DLL (most likely from your description), you have two options, both of which can be set from the "Project"-> "Projectname Properties" dialog box, Debugging tab. "Wait for components to be created" When click on Run (F5), VB6 will alter the registry entries for your DLL so that they point to the VB6 debugger. Launch your third-party program as usual. When any program tries to create objects and forms hosted by your DLL, it will do so through the debugger. "Start a program" Same as before, plus VB6 will execute the command line entered in the dialog box. It should be noted that VB6 must be run in full "As Administrator" mode, because it needs to write to normally-protected areas of the registry. Don't worry about

Categories : Debugging

Debugging a grails application with intellij IDEA 12.1.4
This could be being caused by forked tomcat execution settings in your BuildConfig.groovy file. I think what happens is that Intellij gets confused about which Java process to attach to when Grails spins up. You could try disabling execution forking by replacing the grails.project.fork settings with: grails.project.fork = [ test: false, run: false, war: false, console: false ]

Categories : Debugging

Debugging x64 application (C++) using visual studio 2012
After checking project and build configuration, I found that the Generate debug info in debug part of linker (Linker ->Debug: generate debug info) is blank. After setting it to yes, the debugger starts to work!

Categories : C++

Eclipse: How to tell if I am Running or Debugging a non-server application?
You can simply switch to the Debug perpective. The running application will be available. Then look in the Debug view : if you can expand using + your application and see running Threads, you are in debug mode. Otherwise, application is just 'running'.

Categories : Java

Collecting user information for debugging and support
I do not know your country and any local regulations, but it is always better accepted to have a privacy policy if you collect sensitive data. You might inform the user upon the first start, for example. You can also explicitly ask the user for a consent and collect only if the user agrees to do it. Informed consent is a nice policy which both informs the user and also asks for a permission. You can then stack the results and release them (if you which and e.g. include it in the policy) stating users provided their consent.

Categories : Security

Running/Debugging an app on Xcode as root user
I think running things as root is typically not advised, and I think that you wouldn't be able to get special write access on an actual device, but you could try logging in as root on your mac and launching Xcode from there. I have not tried it, but it may enable the "Run as root" option

Categories : IOS

Is there a way to run a short callback when closing/stop debugging a c# application in VS?
I dont know how to do it. But if you dont find a way to do it, here is an advice: Use a virtual machine to debug your program. Even a BSOD occur, you will just have to reboot your virtual machine instead of your real pc. It really helps when working on kernel/driver development.

Categories : Visual Studio

How do you make the Qt source code available when debugging an application in Qt Creator?
I meet the similar problem when using Emacs+gdb. The problem was that path to source code compiled in library was something like src/core/qobject.cpp or even core/qobject.cpp. So debuger can not find suitable source file when I walk up and down through call stack. I solve the problem just configure gdb's search path. In qt creator you can try fix it by finding option to configure "gdb" parameters and add "-d path/to/qt/source/code" to gdb command line arguments.

Categories : C++

Gradle can't user JAVA_HOME while debugging from Android Studio
I might be reading too much into the error message, but shouldn't JAVA_HOME look more like C:viewsp4libraryea-jrockit1.6.0_29windows-x86_64dist? Notice that it points to a folder called 'dist' instead of to the java.exe itself. To help you figure out the folder, 'dist' has inside of it 'bin'. So maybe try something more like C:Program Files (x86)JavaJre7?

Categories : Android

Debugging JUnit Tests in a Hibernate driven Spring Application
Perhaps you can flush the transaction in Hibernate during your debugging session and force Spring/Hibernate to write to the database. Or you can turn off transactions for your debugging session.

Categories : Java

Export To Excel Work while debugging my MVC C#.Net application, but not when I publish and deploy it
I don't see you throwing any exception or returning any error code - that might be, why you see the success message still. The access-denied can be a permission problem. Do you have MS Excel installed on the server where you are deploying the application? - Also I got an Access Denied after switching from Server 2003 to Server 2012 and couldn't resolve the issue anymore. Even I found several places, where you could change permissions for WebSites to access MS-Office applications, none of them helped. In the end I found several articles, that you shouldn't use Office Interop on the server, because: It uses the actual Office Application in the end That makes it slow and resource consuming It's hard to handle multiple requests at the same time If the code fails, the application might kee

Categories : Asp Net Mvc

HOW TO? Develop .NET 4.5 Application on Remote Server with IIS7.5 AND Have Debugging Capabilities
Usually that's not the normal approach. If it's a simple application, I use the IIS Express. If it's a medium/complex application, then I use the IIS that I have installed in my computer. I don't know if you know, but you can install IIS on your development machine. Is there any special condition for you to code in your machine, and debug in the server?

Categories : Dotnet

Memory leak debugging with windbg without user stack trace
Use the !heap -flt s on the offending size(s) (with logging to file) Then manually dump the contents on some of them and try to guess what kind of data they contain. If you are lucky it’s C++ objects with a vtable address in first DWORD which make them “easy” to recognize. If not, use dc , dds commands and try to figure out what the contents is. Another approach is to find types which have corresponding size to those you suspect leaking. ============================Find symbols of spesific size=================================== 0:011> dt -v -s a4 <MyDll>!* Enumerating symbols matching <MyDll>!*, Size = 0xa4 Address Size Symbol 0a4 <MyDll>!NMDATETIMEFORMATW 0a4 <MyDll>!CWinApp 0a4 <MyDll>!CWinApp ==> Check all

Categories : Windows

Debugging xunit test from VS: symbols loaded but not as user code
Solved! Problem was in code. I'm using method which return IEnumerable<> via yield return, and I just call this method (without any iterations on results). So because of yield returns specifics actually this method wasn't called. So, be careful with yield returns! It may lead to "strange" behaviour like this one :)

Categories : Debugging

Debugging and Running Groovy scripts in IntelliJ when USER.HOME is on a network disk
Use a virtual link to the network drive instead of pointing to it directly.... mklink <virtualDirName> \network-path /d If you run into permissions/privilege issues, see this:

Categories : Groovy

How is multi-threading different in a Java based Web Application vs Stand-alone Java Application
Am I correct in saying that for Web Applications the web container takes care of multi-threading? Most of the Severs are multithreaded to handle multiple request concurrently. can I introduce new treads in a Web Based applications? Yes you can. It depends on your requirement . Is there any advantage in doing so and in what scenario one would need to do that? If there is a time taking job which can be done asynchronously in to parts then use multiple threads. e.g. on a request you have to read a huge file and dump in to database. In such case you can use multiple threads to read line by line and insert in to DB. As I said it depends.

Categories : Java

Multi Page Application in CAL
Prism can be used for multi-page applications. One way is described by the Prism developer guide. Quickstarts are also provided to help the developer. However I find this way quite heavy to implement. And when confronted to the issue of multi-paging with Prism, I usually prefer a simpler solution : First, in the Shell, I define regions within ContentControls within a single Grid, so that these ContentControls will be "on the same page". The grid defines the bounds of the page, and you can put extend it to the whole window if you want to. Then, I have a NavigationManager instance that will be responsible for loading the DataContext of each ContentControl/Region of the Shell at the right time. At each time, a single ContentControl has a DataContext filled, and all the other's are null. F

Categories : Wpf

Multi-tenant application with MVC 3 and DI
I wanted to recommend a custom LifetimeScope per area, but it seems that there is an existing solution. Take a look at this: https://code.google.com/p/autofac/wiki/MultitenantIntegration.

Categories : Asp Net Mvc

RVM Multi-user and missing ~/.rvm dir
I suppose you don't want to use both system-wide and single user RVM installations at the same time with the same user. I'm not sure if this is impossible, but I'm quite sure it is a good idea. To the user that runs your application, you need to be sure that it is not loading at any point of his login the file $HOME/.rvm/scripts/rvm. This will hopefully make it load the system-wide installation, and this should work normally. You need to look for where this is being loaded, most obvious candidates are .bashrc, .bash_profile and .bash_alias and .profile, and the system versions of these files if they doesn't exists in the user home. You can check this link for more info on this. Now, if you want to be a good boy, I would suggest not keep both installations on the same system at all. Remo

Categories : Ruby On Rails

Need feedback!! Should enterprise level application can user one user to connect sql server database?
There is no limitation on the number of connections per user. Our website does this. All of our code accesses the database with one SQL Server credential. There is, however, a hard limit on the total number of connections (around 30k) to the instance. We found this out the hard way with hundred of databases and connection pooling from tens of application servers.

Categories : Sql Server

Is it possible to inform previous user of application in google play store regarding completly new application not a updated version?
You'll need to create a new release.keystore in order to sign your app and submit to Google Play. You could just change your current app to a higher version, sign it with a new keystore, and publish as a new app. But you'll still have to remove the old app from Google Play. That leaves the new app as the one people should install. The only downside with that is that the current users will have to uninstall the old and install the new in order to "upgrade."

Categories : Android

Where to store MAC OS application specific data (Accessible only by the application and not the user) ?
Is there a provision to store data generated by the app (be it an image or any other document) at a location accessible only by the application. No. An administrative user can access any file on the machine. I can think of three options: Rethink the requirement. The user should be in charge of the application, not the other way around. An application that needs to hide user data from the user sounds suspicious. Store the data on a server that the user can only access through your application. Encrypt the data so that the user will have a hard time using it. By the way, data is only hidden from the user on iOS because the entire file system is hidden. The permission system is about the same as on OS X.

Categories : Objective C

multi tenant application on Amazon EC2
This is not a great question for here since the questions are likely to be a bit too opinionated. But I will give you some thoughts about what you wrote. Having one customer confined to one instance gives you no failover. If the instance fails, the application is down until you can restart or relaunch the instance. You should probably think about building clusters than can host several customers, 2-4 instances each, with failover and load balancing. (Maybe also use Multi-AZ RDS to host mysql) Customer specific configuration needs to get out of JBoss and into your application somehow, I dont know the details of the platform so I cannot provide specifics.

Categories : Amazon

How to organize a multi-application with backbone?
You can pass options to the view when you create it. On your edit page: new App.Views.CategoriesViews({ el: $('#select-box-cats'), collection: new App.Collections.Categories, bindRequest: true, // Trigger the request event. toggleCategories: true // Toggle the categories in the toggle method. }); On your add page: new App.Views.CategoriesViews({ el: $('#select-box-cats'), collection: new App.Collections.Categories, bindRequest: false, // Do not trigger the request event. toggleCategories: false // Do not toggle categories in the toggle method. }); And in your view: initialize: function() { _.bindAll(this, 'render', 'action'); this.collection.on('reset', this.render); // this.options is automatically populated with any parameters includ

Categories : Javascript

Multi-threading in Web Application (WCF / WebAPI)
I'm not entirely clear what your concerns are but I'll try to give you some basis on which you can decide: You can use multithreading in IIS/ASP.NET safely. Of course, with many parallel request you don't need that because the parallelism happens at a higher level (in fact, thoughput will slightly suffer, but only slightly). With few parallel requests though you can reduce latency using parallelism at a lower level (Parallel.For). So multi-threading in ASP.NET is more about reducing latency than increasing throughput. I don't see how self-hosting would change any of this. You seem to have a little diffuse concerns that this is a viable approach. Try to formulate specific concerns and I'll address them.

Categories : C#

Maven multi-module web application
This is my own temporary answer to this problem. It would be nice if it could be done with maven, but I haven't been able to find a solution. Therefore I have bound an ant target to the compile phase of the web module. This is probably not a solution that can be used anywhere, but it works in my case. web/pom.xml: <plugin> <artifactId>maven-antrun-plugin</artifactId> <version>1.7</version> <executions> <execution> <id>copy-modules</id> <phase>compile</phase> <configuration> <target> <delete dir="${project.basedir}srcmainwebappWEB-INFclasses"/>

Categories : Maven

How to use Hibernate in a multi threaded application?
With session-objects-per-thread, as long as you are not sharing session objects between multiple threads, you will be fine. The error you are receiving is unrelated to your multithreaded usage or your session management. Your usage of session.save() as well as explicitly setting the ID is not quite right. Without seeing your mapping for BlogPost its hard to tell, but if you have told Hibernate to use the id field as the primary key, and you are using the native generator for primary keys, the all you need to do is this: session.beginTransaction(); session.persist(b); session.flush(); // only needed if flush mode is "manual" session.getTransaction().commit(); Hibernate will fill in the ID for you, persist() will cause the insert to happen within the bounds of the transaction (save() do

Categories : Java

Multi Client Server, Multi interface, Multi IP version Socket
You're not missing anything. It is accepting connections to ::1 you said? Then it will accept ipv6 connections. And since IPv6 is backwards compatible, if you've created the correct ipv6 socket, it should be able to send and receive ipv4 packets as well.

Categories : C

Laravel 4 Multi User Authentication
Maybe I do not understand your context well, but why dont you just use the basic concept of role based access control and render different stuff for different roles ? If that is not tight enough you can use attribute based auth policies to granulate permissions. What are the reasons you want to duplicate (triple that is) auth-logic? Not mentioning the fact of redundant db data (separate user table for separate user type? yuk!) ? If you are not satisifed with Sentry (personally, I dont use that library) I can recommend Zizaco/Confide + Zizaco/Entrust as a clean and elegant solution for user/role/permission management. Check it out here Zizaco GitHub. A quick general idea: use a single clean authentication mechanism for whole app granulate access with Roles or Roles+Permissions separat

Categories : PHP

How can i create a multi user program in jsf
Using static variables implies that every single instance of that bean will have that value in the whole application, even the been is reinstantiated for each request. You are adding an order to that list every time you execute addAction(), so it will have consecuences for every end user.

Categories : Java

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