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Copying a WF4 instance store database from production environment to development environment?
Jesús López gave me the answer at this MSDN thread, where I asked exactly the same question as in this StackOverflow’s thread. First, he asked: “Is the [IIS] path to the workflow service (the xalmx file) the same in production than in development? If the path is different because the virtual directory is different then is also different the WorkflowHostType column and that might cause problems.” After letting him know that IIS site names were actually different in production and in development environment, even though the rest of the paths to workflow services were the same, he replied: “Both [IIS sites] must have the same name. I've just tested it. I changed the site name in IIS and suddenly WorkflowHostType changed. So idle persisted workflows won't load any more.” Then he

Categories : Dotnet

Using MySQL on development environment and SQL server on the live environment
While on the development environment, I have installed the commercial system with the default MYSQL that comes with the product. Due to licenses & resource restrictions. Can't you use SQL Express? But yes, you can use Entity Framework with MySQL, and it should be possible to accomplish by just changing the connection string. Beware that the MySQL-EF connector seems not to support all possiblities of Linq to Entities.

Categories : Asp Net Mvc

Returning errors back to development team from deployed iOS application
Depends on what kind of errors you're talking about... Exceptions are automatically reported back by Apple. But, they don't give all exceptions back and there is a lag. There are several 3rd party services which you can use where you add their framework and it will detect the exception and send it back to their server for you to analyse. For non-exception errors there is nothing standard. I would suggest adding analytics to your app and using part of the analytics to track these occurrences.

Categories : IOS

Team Foundation Server - keeping development versions of files seperate from production
Limit who has privileges to deploy to production. Putting files in TFS for version control won't deploy them to production. Only somebody with permissions in your production environment can deploy to prod. What it sounds like you're saying is you have one version of code that you want to push to production, and another copy of the code with changes that you don't want to push to production yet (if you only had one version of the code, then you simply don't deploy until ready and problem solved) If that is the case, then what you need is branches. You have a branch for each separate version of the codebase that you are working on concurrently. This can get complicated, because you have many options for how to structure your branching strategy, that can have significant implications on

Categories : Tfs

Using git to mirror web development environment?
If you're set on managing it this way, you could use symlinks to link into the git project from the actual web-exposed directories. Here's a thorough answer describing that technique.

Categories : GIT

URLRewriteFilter in Development Environment?
Can you try adding this in BuildConfig.groovy to exclude the dependency? (provided you have not added the jar in lib) grails.project.dependency.resolution = { inherits("global") { if (Environment.current != Environment.PRODUCTION) excludes "urlrewritefilter" } } If that does not work then in my opinion the safest bet will be to fork/clone the plugin (which uses the latest version of urlrewritefilter:4.0.3) and modify UrlRewriteGrailsPlugin.groovy by adding the below elements: def environments = ['prod'] //or 'production' def scopes = [excludes:'run'] //If you normally use run-app in development and use the plugin instead of adding the dependency.

Categories : Grails

Do any standards and practices exist for applying acceptance test driven development to non-development tasks?
Take a look at this post in StackExchange: Agile methodologies such as Scrum in non-software development projects Also there is a nice article called "Scrum is not just for software" written by the Agile Alliance (note that this is a PDF download)

Categories : Misc

How to simplify Java EE development environment
You may use JRebel to reduce the deployment time. Using this eclipse plugin will drastically reduce your deployment time overhead. It's not free for commercial projects, but for open source and non-commercial projects you can get a free one year subscription. See their plans for details. You also may wanna check out the options provided here.

Categories : Eclipse

multi-user git development environment
First, you should look into gitolite: it allows to manage users and access to repositories. With gitolite you can restrict what repositories and branches user has access to. For dev branch you may want to set up a git post-receive hook script: so your git repo will SSH to dev server and pull code from the repository.

Categories : GIT

How to bypass Resque in a development environment
Just add this to the bottom of config/environments/development.rb # bypass resque in the development environment if Rails.env.development? module Resque def self.enqueue(klass, *args) klass.perform(*args) end end end

Categories : Ruby On Rails

Heroku development environment + git pain
If you have a local repo, you can commit to THAT (which you should be doing). Only once you're done editing files on your LOCAL REPO, then you can PUSH to your staging repo. Your staging repo will also have the same commits as your local repo. From your staging repo, you can then either PUSH to your production, or from your production, PULL from your staging. Please let me know if I've misunderstood your question, however.

Categories : PHP

Overriding PHP.ini in a shared development environment
I'm not sure you understood the post. The post means if you run the server and want a per domain php.ini you can run the module as a per domain so each user controls there domain php.ini however it looks like your server does not offer this so you will need to us htaccess file to overwrite the php.ini settings. By over write this doesn't mean you can change the directory this means maybe add a module or add error reporting ect... You can do it by using this post: How can I use xdebug to debug only one virtual host?

Categories : PHP

Active Directory Development Environment
Consider ADFS and ws-federation. Ws-federation is an enterprise sso protocol that gives you cross domain authentication/authorization in a sso manner. Adfs is a free implementation of the protocol that sits on top of the active directory. It is relatively easy to set up. But having a client application that expects a ws-federation identity provider, you can substitute the provider with any compliant provider, your own or the identityserver which is another free implementation but can use a membership provider. The completely custom implementation on the other hand would give you a chance to set up and serve an arbitrary identities. The is a small learning curve for this approach but benetifs are: cross domain sso support for multiple browsers for free (kerberos/ntlm based ad authenti

Categories : Asp Net

Development Environment for RIDC in Java
You need to install WebCenter Support API in JDeveloper. Search for the updates shown in the following image in Help->Check for Updates. I am in PS6.

Categories : Oracle

Determining development environment automatically
Yes, it`s right decision. For example symfony console do it the same without considering the input parameters $input = new ArgvInput(); $env = $input->getParameterOption(array('--env', '-e'), getenv('SYMFONY_ENV') ?: 'dev'); $debug = getenv('SYMFONY_DEBUG') !== '0' && !$input->hasParameterOption(array('--no-debug', '')) && $env !== 'prod'; $kernel = new AppKernel($env, $debug);

Categories : PHP

PhoneGap development environment for iPhone
In general you need a mac to develop apps for iOs. But if you use https://build.phonegap.com/ the build environment is in the cloud und you only need to upload the asset-files and download a packaged app. You'll still need an apple-developer account for certificates, etc.

Categories : Cordova

Precompile with compression in development environment
For file compress in rails try this following method it will work exactly My config/environments/development.rb has this, which I interpret the rails guide to mean that assets should be compiled into one file, but not compressed: `config.assets.compress = false config.assets.compile = true config.assets.digest = false config.assets.debug = false` Try to add debug: false to your include/link-tags It work means please {# in views/layouts/application.html.haml (or .erb, then use <%= %>)} = stylesheet_link_tag "application", debug: false = javascript_include_tag "application", debug: false No need to restart app! I hope you didn't forget to do it after you had changed your development.rb ;-).

Categories : Ruby On Rails

Architecture design, how to setup our development infrastructure to support multiple apps and app types?
As per given scenario apps > API > web services > database is better because... In "app 1 > API > database" approach APIs would be having business logic which would duplicate in each API....obviously it is not so good to put business logic in app itself or in DB. In "apps > API > web services > database" we can put a lot of common business logic and other infrastructure related stuff under shared web services which can be used by all APIs. Since web services can be consumed by heterogeneous web or windows applications...it is always good to put shared functionality in such a way.

Categories : Web Services

Setting up development Environment for android mini PC
i solved it myself and solution goes like this :- Install driver for the rk30sdk using moborobo edit android_winusb.inf and add following line : %SingleAdbInterface% = USB_Install, USBVID_2207&PID_0006 %CompositeAdbInterface% = USB_Install, USBVID_2207&PID_0006&MI_01 %SingleAdbInterface% = USB_Install, USBVID_2207&PID_0010 %CompositeAdbInterface% = USB_Install, USBVID_2207&PID_0010&MI_01 in both Google.NTx86 and Google.NTamd64 area. add driver vendor ID to the "C:Users.androidadb_usb.ini" file. I did it and it WORKED!!! Here is it looks: ANDROID 3RD PARTY USB VENDOR ID LIST -- DO NOT EDIT. USE 'android update adb' TO GENERATE. 1 USB VENDOR ID PER LINE. 0x2207 MiniPC driver

Categories : Android

How to setup a development environment for sharepoint 2013
here is how to Set up the development environment for SharePoint 2013 from Microsoft site regarding other questions : yes you have to install visual studio 2012 on server VM to be able to develop sharepoint components and debug them you may install sharepoint designer if you want to edit in pages and master pages to add css styles and client script code. no need to install sharepoint designer on server it may be installed on any machine

Categories : Sharepoint

PHP Development (LAMP environment) - Confluence or GitHub?
Confluence is not the tool for what you're attempting to do. Confluence is a great choice for intranet forums or wikis, but it isn't the best for keeping track of updated files. While it could alert interested parties every time a new file is attached to certain pages, or every time a page itself is updated, it isn't really intended for your purposes as described in the question. Here's a page describing Confluence's usefulness: http://www.atlassian.com/software/confluence/overview/team-collaboration-software Again, I'd emphasize that it's really great for allowing non-programmers to generate wiki-content within groups or for an entire company, but I wouldn't recommend it for your purposes.

Categories : PHP

Development environment Sinatra & MySQL in 2 computers
I think there are many ways to solve this problem. So this is just on idea how to achieve this. Create a git repo on your server and write a small shell script which sync your db from somewhere. This script can you trigger by a git hook http://git-scm.com/book/en/Customizing-Git-Git-Hooks#Client-Side-Hooks For your syncing script you may have a look at this -> https://github.com/xssnark/mysql-db-sync or I'm sure you find something.

Categories : Mysql

how to force rake task to run under development environment using Whenever gem
In any bash-type shell you can usually override the environment when you run it: RAILS_ENV=development rake task:name... You can also write a small script to do this for you: #!/bin/sh export RAILS_ENV=development rake task:name... This can be adapted for other shells as required.

Categories : Ruby

Adding a Host on CloudStack development environment
Send this question to the Apache CloudStack developer mailing list. Be prepared to provide a copy of the command you used to start the management server, the exact text from 10 lines before and 10 lines after the "unable to add host" message, and a copy of any exceptions that occured before this message.

Categories : Misc

What development environment setup steps am I missing?
It looks like you're mixing in-line coding style with code-behind. Try changing the page language to VB and specifying the code-behind class: <%@ Page Language="VB" Inherits="_Default1" %> Also, remove the script block at the start of the file. Further Reading ASP.NET Code-Behind Model Overview

Categories : Asp Net

My development environment was wiped out and I'm getting a series of errors in trying to fix it
Let's clarify: The Gemfile cannot be changed from gemset Gemset goal to provide you independent installation of gems for your application. To work with RVM Gemset you should do the following: Verify you have the latest rvm (run in your console): rvm get stable Check which ruby version do you have: rvm list and gemsets: rvm gemset list Let assume, the new gemset name is myapp. You should create it as following: rvm gemset create myapp Add the following files inside your application root folder: .ruby-gemset and .ruby-version .ruby-version contains ruby version you want to use and .ruby-gemset contains gemset name Close your console and open a new one. Go to you project folder and a new gemset should be ready. Repeat step 2 to verify your gemset configured properly. Install bundler:

Categories : Ruby On Rails

MVC 4 Razor User interface differences between Development Environment and IIS
Chances are that because one is rendering in the "localhost" domain that it is using IE's Compatibility View by default because it is considered to be an "intranet" zone. And the other is likely rendering from something that is considered to be in an "Internet" zone, so no Compatibility View by default.

Categories : Jquery

How to setup a development environment for Node.js/MongoDB in Windows?
If you're running and hosting on windows you could look at possibly using iisnode. It's a iis module that runs node for you. Then when you make updates to any file, you just have to recycle that app pool. It also lets you debug your code via your browser. How do you plan to do your hosting? If you plan on going with straight node hosting like nodejitsu or something along those lines, iisnode wouldn't be the best choice, but I personally have a need for .NET hosting, so iisnode is a nice way for me to keep everything hosted together. Sublime is a fantastic editor, which I'm sure you already know, so definitely stick with that. EDIT In that case, I would suggest to use something that manages your applications packaging and deployment. Something like grunt would be nice. Grunt will allow y

Categories : Node Js

Development environment for fully qualified links in HTML, Apache
Apache uses mod_rewrite only for incoming URLs. You have to use a different technique for outbound URLs. Here are some options: Try mod_substitute to find and rewrite URLs within pages. I think mod_proxy_html could work, but it was developed by a third party and the documentation is all over. The non-Apache way: Generate links using server-side code based on a flag that indicates if you are in production or development. I think mod_substitute would be the easiest. It should look something like this: <Location /> AddOutputFilterByType SUBSTITUTE text/html Substitute s/www.example.com/example.dev/n </Location>

Categories : Apache

Rails 4 app... in development environment javascript not firing unless page is refreshed
looks like a side effect of the new Turbolinks feature. When you click a link, the page isn't being reloaded -- it's just having its <body> loaded by an AJAX request. So: In the first case, the $(function{ ... }) isn't being run because document.ready is only fired on the first page load, not reloading the body. In the second case, the <head> isn't reloaded with turbolinks, just the body. So you're left with the old <script> and it isn't rerun! Check some of the options for turbolinks, like jquery.tubrolinks.

Categories : Javascript

Combining assets into a single file in Rails 4 development environment
Overall: Its a regression with Sprockets 2. Read on for an explanation and solution. How Debugging works internally Assume you have a file called vendor.js with the following: # vendor.js //= require jquery //= require knockout //= ... some more requires function one() { } function two() { } // and some javascript code First, let's see what the Asset Debugging does: Places a single <script src="vendor.js"> tag if debugging is disabled, (or) Places multiple <script src="vendor.js?body=1">, <script src="jquery.js?body=1">, <script src="knockout.js?body=1">, ... when debugging is enabled The body=1 is also an integral part of debugging. If you say <script src="vendor.js?body=1"> - it only renders the javascript inside vendor.js. It doesn't include any o

Categories : Ruby On Rails

wso2 carbon hacking - eclipse development environment set up steps
After importing, you need to set the classpath. for that,buildpath-->configure buildpath, you will see libraries are listed under M2_REPO,folder. So, you might need to create a variable called M2_REPO,its path has to point your local m2-repository; eg: Name: M2_REPO path: C:/Users/TOSH/m2-repo/repository

Categories : Wso2

Setting up a java/j2ee development environment with: Eclipse, Tomcat and Vagrant
What files/folders am I supposed to share? (not the whole eclipse workspace I suppose) IMHO, share the project you are working on is enough. This way you may have one VM for each project. You have two options to generate the war: build on host; build on VM (preferred). If you choose Option 1: Since your project folder is shared with VM, you can copy the war to $CATALINA_HOME/webapps once you ssh to VM. I would suggest Option 2 because you could keep the build environment as close to your production environment as possible. Am I better off using a exploded or a normal war archive? I would use normal war archive, but there's not much difference here. How do I configure Eclipse (which lives on the host) to see the remote Tomcat (the one that lives on the guest). You have two opt

Categories : Eclipse

Setup Blackberry Development Environment on Java + Linux + eclipse juno
Hmm..your logs say artifacts not found and so I guess you're using the eclipse blackberry plugin update site to download the jde which unfortunately is no more supported by blackberry. You'll need to download the blackberry eclipse jde bundle that is pre installed with blackberry jde. Check this out. Moreover I haven't seen any support for linux yet.

Categories : Java

Customize shell scripts based on environment like development test staging production
Create an associative array and associate the file names with the respective environment name: #!/bin/bash declare -A filename filename[prod]=PRODFILE filename[test]=TESTFILE filename[dev]=DEVFILE environ=test echo "${filename[$environ]}" Output: TESTFILE

Categories : Bash

Setting development environment flag and eliminating debug code when deploying to production
This question is not specific to Sublime Text at all, or any text editor, but a generic question how to preprocess and debug (JavaScript) source code. First, the easiest approach would be have some kind of global debug flag in your codebase. window.DEBUG = true; function log(a, b, c, d) { if(DEBUG) { console.log(a, b, c, d); } } if(DEBUG) { // Do dev stuff } else { // Do produection stuff } log("foobar") // Does not need to be wrapper, as log() itself is functional only in debug mode You can set the debug flag depending on your URL: if(window.location.href.indexOf("localhost") >= 0) { window.DEBUG = true; } When you deploy your JavaScript to production, you usually run it through minimizing and bundling tool. One popul

Categories : Javascript

How to Test ASP Application on Domain when Development Environment isn't on Domain?
We did few large deployments of AD with asp.net applications with automatic account provisioning and 50k+ users and the idea was always to abstract the user backstore and have at least two or three implementations: inmemory repository injected into upper layer services for unit testing them database implementation convenient for developers as it is persistent, doesn't vanish on restarts actual ad implementation tested separately in two different testing environments but not directly by developers (devs use the database repository) Having the logic which relies on abstraction and is conveniently tested with the inmemory repository and then having the ad repository tested separately allows us to just compose these two on the production site.

Categories : Asp Net

Architecture of team foundation server (tfs) excel add-in
Hope these links helps you to understand more. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/vstudio/bb649552.aspx#self_service_excel Olap data cube http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb649557.aspx

Categories : Sql Server

How do you manage large C++ dependencies in a team environment?
I remember while working for a security company, the team had a script that usually copies all dependencies for you as soon as you hit compile, to a specific folder for you. its in build properties, for an MFC project, however, it was confusing to me at the time. the reference seemed very helpful thank you

Categories : C++

Where to start for WSN development
I have uploaded a series of tutorials on YouTube and also my Website that might be helpful for you to get started.

Categories : Misc

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