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Datagrid inside datagrid - With filter based on parent datagrid value

You're right, its difficult to apply a filter to a list of items in xaml, much easier to have a view model where each parent object has an ObservableCollection or CollectionView of child objects. You will need a AllShipmentsVM, ShipmentVM, ContainerVM and possibly a PackageVM.

If the data coming from a database, could you use EF to build your collection of child objects?

Otherwise, use a ICollectionView to display the items and set the filter for each parent viewmodel...

        foreach (var s in allShipments)
            var svm = new ShipmentVM
                Shipment = s,
                Containers = (new CollectionViewSource { Source =
allContainerVMs }).View
            svm.Containers.Filter = (o) => (o as
ContainerVM).Container.ShipmentID == svm.Shipment.ShipmentID;

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