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I dont want a server process which is a daemon to shut down - even on recieving kill signal. Is there any way to ensure this?
You can block almost all signals, with the notable exception of SIGKILL. By default the kill command sends SIGTERM, which you can block. Read about the sigaction system call to learn how to block signals.

Categories : C++

If I issue a shut down command on Tomcat does it process all messages in progress using Spring Integration
No; when you stop Tomcat, the application context is torn down and Spring Integration doesn't have any control. We introduced a new Orderly Shutdown feature in 2.2 using a JMX operation that allows stopping all active components (pollers, JMS listener containers, etc) then waiting some time for messages to quiesce. Some endpoints (such as the http inbound) are aware of this state and won't allow new requests to come in, while staying active to handle active threads. It's not a perfect solution but it covers the vast majority of use cases.

Categories : Java

Yes/no shut down
I have amended your code as per below: Option Explicit Dim result result = MsgBox ("Shutdown?", vbYesNo, "Yes/No Exm") Select Case result Case vbYes MsgBox("shuting down ...") Dim objShell Set objShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell") objShell.Run "C:WINDOWSsystem32shutdown.exe -r -t 20" Case vbNo MsgBox("Ok") End Select The main issues were that "option explicit" has to be at the top, and as a result the "result" variable then must be declared using the "dim" keyword. The above code works fine when I executed it via the command line. I also added a timeout of 20, but you can easily change this back to the original value of 0.

Categories : Vbscript

Shut down SocketServer on SIG*
Disclaimer: I have 0, nil, null, none, no experience with python. Disclaimer 2: I, in no way, think that your server is "the way to go" when it comes to...anything server related, not even for the most basic things or anything outside school homework stuff; it might be a decent sample to help people learn the basics but it is, at the same time, misleading and wrong on so many levels I lost count. Back to your problem. I took your code and modified it to work as intended: #!/usr/bin/python import signal import SocketServer import threading import thread class DummyServer(SocketServer.BaseRequestHandler): def handle(self): data = self.request.recv(1024) self.request.send(data) return def shutdownHandler(msg,evt): print "shutdown handler called. shutting d

Categories : Python

Shut Down Web Application
You can use the appcmd command line utility for managing sites on IIS. It's located in %systemroot%system32inetsrvAPPCMD. I think it is available in IIS v7 and above only though, not sure if your using an older version of IIS. To stop and start a site, the command will look like the following: %systemroot%system32inetsrvAPPCMD stop site <Your Site's Name> %systemroot%system32inetsrvAPPCMD start site <Your Site's Name> More info on the appcmd utility is here: http://www.iis.net/learn/get-started/getting-started-with-iis/getting-started-with-appcmdexe

Categories : Asp Net

Does Junit shut down all the threads?
This is actually not JUnit but the external systems which run JUnit test (like Eclipse or Maven) who are responsible for terminating JVM. Those call System.exit which stops all the threads. If JUnit did it then the external system would have no chance to process the results.

Categories : Java

How to pause windows shut-down
You need to handle the WM_QUERYENDSESSION messsage. It's sent to each application before Windows starts the shutdown process. Do what you need quickly, because failure to respond rapidly enough causes the behavior you're observing in FireFox, which is usually a sign of a badly designed app (and the user may terminate it before you get a chance to finish). interface ... type TForm1 = class(TForm) procedure WMQueryEndSession(var Msg: TWMQueryEndSession); message WM_QUERYENDSESSION; end; implementation procedure TForm1.WMQueryEndSession(var Msg: TWMQueryEndSession); begin // Do what you need to do (quickly!) before closing Msg.Result := True; end; (Just as an aside: The enabling/disabling of sounds is a per-user setting, and you should have a very good need for inter

Categories : Delphi

C++ Ways to shut down a program
The if (running == 0) but is pointless! while (running == 1) { commands(); } return 0; Does exactly the same - once running is 0 it falls out the bottom of the loop, and main returns. The whole idea of the global running is getting into side effect programming, which is a bad thing!

Categories : C++

Gracefully shut down embedded tomcat 7
Block all incoming request. Add a filter to your application with a boolean to accept request, by default it accepts. Add a ContextListener. and complete the method onContextDestroyed() add your code to modify that boolean

Categories : Java

Can I shut down echo for this "for" cycle inputed from cmd?
@echo off && for /r %F in (*) do if %~zF==0 del "%F" > NUL The > NUL is because I can't recall if certain situations cause del to try to output

Categories : Windows

Why does data node shut down when I run hadoop?
This usually results when you format the namenode and don't do a datanode clean up and you namespace changes. Probable solution: Try deleting the /app/hadoop/tmp/dfs/data directory and restart the datanode

Categories : Java

How to stop/shut down an elasticsearch node?
Updated answer. Some options: In your terminal (dev mode basically), just type "Ctrl-C" If you started it as a daemon (-d) find the PID and kill the process: SIGTERM will shut Elasticsearch down cleanly If running as a service, run something like service elasticsearch stop. Previous answer. It's now deprecated from 1.6. Yeah. See admin cluster nodes shutdown documentation Basically: # Shutdown local node $ curl -XPOST 'http://localhost:9200/_cluster/nodes/_local/_shutdown' # Shutdown all nodes in the cluster $ curl -XPOST 'http://localhost:9200/_shutdown'

Categories : Elasticsearch

Where is datastore and why my data is gone when I shut down the computer
Specify a datastore path that is not in /tmp. By default /tmp is a memory based filesystem and will therefore be cleared on each reboot. For instance: dev_appserver.py --datastore_path=/home/newapp_datastore /home/newapp

Categories : Python

NSXML Parsing Ampersand Character Causes Shut Down
The issue is that you have not been given XML and the parser legitimately gets in a mess as it sees data that is not legal.. The XML specification says The ampersand character (&) and the left angle bracket (<) must not appear in their literal form, except when used as markup delimiters, or within a comment, a processing instruction, or a CDATA section. If they are needed elsewhere, they must be escaped using either numeric character references or the strings "&amp;" and "&lt;" respectively. Thus you have to alter the XML and replace & by &amp;

Categories : Objective C

My VPS has been shut down now again for the second time for TOS violations email spam
We dealt with the same problem earlier this year. First, you need to look through your log files to determine which site(s) are getting attacked. My guess would be that the sites being hit at 1.5 sites, without exception that was the case on our servers. If that is the case, then those sites need to be let go. If they don't want to upgrade, they need to take their sites elsewhere. Simple as that. You cannot risk your other sites and email blacklists due to customers that don't want to upgrade. We don't allow J1.5 on our servers any more.

Categories : Apache

Google currency converter API - will it shut down with iGoogle?
iGoogle has already expired but not the gadget link you have posted. Currently it returns 200 OK with probably your desired message. Update: It got expired too. No Gadgets are available at the moment. Update: Available from here https://www.google.com/finance/converter?a=16.6700&from=GBP&to=USD

Categories : Misc

Detect Interpreter shut down in daemon thread
This is a code from threading.py module: import sys as _sys class Thread(_Verbose): def _bootstrap_inner(self): # some code # If sys.stderr is no more (most likely from interpreter # shutdown) use self._stderr. Otherwise still use sys (as in # _sys) in case sys.stderr was redefined since the creation of # self. if _sys: _sys.stderr.write("Exception in thread %s: %s " % (self.name, _format_exc())) else: # some code might be helpful. The error you see comes from else statement. So in your case: import sys as _sys while True: if not _sys: break/return/die/whatever do_something() time.sleep(interval) I'm not sure if it works though

Categories : Python

Getting NullPointerException in Spring Batch when tomcat is shut down
I have not tried with spring quartz. However, normally while using Quartz, we shutdown the quartz gracefully. By gracefully, I mean here that I will shutdown the scheduler only after executing all my pending jobs(jobs which are executed currently but have not yet marked their completion). For graceful shutdowns, we pass attribute true while using method shutdown. Refer API here I am eager to know how spring quartz implementation does this.

Categories : Spring

Vagrant destroyed on host shut down, Windows
I'd suggest creating a project directory for each VM you plan to use. If you change into that empty project directory before doing vagrant init a dedicated Vagrantfile is created for that project/VM, which then can be customized to your needs. To use that customized Vagrantfile then, just run vagrant up from inside your projects directory. Not sure if this solves your problem but it's worth a try I guess. ;-) Btw. you can check if your VM is running with the command vagrant status [machine-name].

Categories : Windows

How do I shut down embedded Jetty (Eclipse Project)?
The org.eclipse.jetty.server.Server has a .stop() method you can call to perform a graceful shutdown of the Jetty server instance. Also, in Eclipse, be sure you have the "Debug View" open. Window > Show View > Other > Debug That will show you the list of running processes that any Eclipse plugin started for you. You might think you terminated it, but it might still be registered as running.

Categories : Java

How to shut down the dispatcher thread in akka ActorSystem
I'm not sure if there is some shutdown method, but there are two methods which can help. As it is written in the docs: When the dispatcher no longer has any actors registered, how long will it wait until it shuts itself down, defaulting to your akka configs "akka. You can set akka.actor.default-dispatcher.shutdown-timeout in reference.conf and then detach you actor from your dispatcher.

Categories : Scala

The JavaScript language service has encountered an error and has been shut down
Try this solution: "I was able to fix it: Uninstalling Snippet Designer and deleting the Code Snippets folder on C:UsersUSERDocumentsVisual Studio 2012" Taken from: http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/windowsapps/en-US/d62506a1-4f5f-4013-bcaa-0f827325e424/javascript-language-service-has-encountered-an-error-and-has-been-shut-down

Categories : Javascript

Is Puppet the right tool for pull-deploying .NET site from TFS with site shut down
For the client infrastructure, I'd shrink-wrap the product with a Windows Installer MSI. The TFS cloud build sever has Windows Installer XML on it and you can use that to build your installer. Deliver the installer to the client and have it do all the work. Just like downloading TFS from MSDN and installing it on an on premises server. You can also publish the MSI on a website and use an autoupdate pattern running on the client to pull it down and execute it.

Categories : Dotnet

Using the ion_auth login process and using a templated process to render the login process
There is no need to use ion_auth views or controllers. they are just for reference. we have to use their function as they have define in model for login/logout/register etc... just simply put his model,library and config file to the respective folder of codeigniter in your project and just use their function as they have shown in demo

Categories : Codeigniter

cross memory attach. How do I get the remote address from a child process to a parent process
The system calls process_vm_readv and process_vm_writev are meant for fast data transfer between processes. They are supposed to be used in addition to some traditional way of interprocess communication. For example, you may use a regular pipe or fifo to transfer the required addresses between your processes. Then you may use those addresses to establish faster process_vm_ communication. The simpliest way to transfer something between forked processes should be the pipe() function (man 2 pipe has a good example of its usage). There are many other ways to do so of course, like using sockets or messages. You can even write an address to a file and let the other process read it.

Categories : C

How do I deal with cases when Process.Kill() yields "access denied" because the process is terminating?
Use the command line C# to kill the task, for example Taskkill /F /IM ExeName.exe. If you do not have a persmission to kill the task than also force kill will not help. More info Please check http://www.c-sharpcorner.com/UploadFile/8ea152/kill-process-from-the-command-prompt-in-windows-8/ here an example how to run command line in C# Run Command Prompt Commands Greetings

Categories : C#

The process cannot access the file 'x' because it is being used by another process while deleting saved image by application
This is explained in the documentation for Image.FromFile: The file remains locked until the Image is disposed.

Categories : Vb.Net

In Java What is the exit value of a process which is killed in the background through Linux shell using process id
This is not a Java specific question. The return code will be the same for all Unix systems here (at least I have never seen a Unix system not behaving this way): 128 + the number of the signal which caused the process to terminate. No idea for Windows... Therefore, 130 in your case. In C, you'd check (after a call to waitpid() for instance) whether a process has been terminated by a signal using WIFSIGNALED(status).

Categories : Java

How to create a new process with command line arguments and give the PID to the parent process?
You can use createprocess() function in windows. Its signature is below BOOL WINAPI CreateProcess( _In_opt_ LPCTSTR lpApplicationName, _Inout_opt_ LPTSTR lpCommandLine, _In_opt_ LPSECURITY_ATTRIBUTES lpProcessAttributes, _In_opt_ LPSECURITY_ATTRIBUTES lpThreadAttributes, _In_ BOOL bInheritHandles, _In_ DWORD dwCreationFlags, _In_opt_ LPVOID lpEnvironment, _In_opt_ LPCTSTR lpCurrentDirectory, _In_ LPSTARTUPINFO lpStartupInfo, _Out_ LPPROCESS_INFORMATION lpProcessInformation ); Example: STARTUPINFO si; PROCESS_INFORMATION pi; //This structure has process id ZeroMemory( &si, sizeof(si) ); si.cb = sizeof(si); ZeroMemory( &pi, sizeof(pi) ); if( argc != 2 ) { printf("Usage: %s [

Categories : C++

How to get process (external program) time, cpu usage for process run from java application?
Run this program in a separate thread, then run tasklist /v process (if Windows), intercept output, split lines into columns, find my-simple-app.exe and get necessary info. If tasklist info is not enough, then read process ID column form tasklist output and run some other util to get more info.

Categories : Java

multiprocess in python: cross process to process watch-kill-restart
I've enabled Debug functions, and tried to kill and restart child processes from the parent. I've turned A and B in classes and added a shutdown method that kill the failing process, after this, if I try A.start() or A.run() this error appear 'cannot start a process twice'.What this means? the process is dead, there aren't others running. If I call multiprocessing.active_childre() the process aren't restarted but got this output: <Process(SyncManager-2, started)>, <Process(SyncManager-1, started)>, <Process(SyncManager-3, started)>] [INFO/MainProcess] process shutting down [DEBUG/MainProcess] running all "atexit" finalizers with priority >= 0 [SUBDEBUG/MainProcess] calling <Finalize object, callback=_decref, args=(Token(typeid='Value', address='/tmp/pymp-2ObnP1

Categories : Python

Node.js Detached child process is invoked as interactive foreground process
I think this may be a problem with node on windows. I tried both your code and the sample code on the node documentation you are for sure referencing yourself at http://nodejs.org/api/child_process.html#child_process_child_process_spawn_command_args_options on my Ubuntu virtual machine and it works just fine. Process is detached and keeps running and there is no output anywhere but to out.log because it is running successfully in the background. I ran both a simple ping command and also ran a node instance on a javascript file like you are trying to do and both worked just fine. I would recommend you do the same with a ping command in windows. . . var child = child_process.spawn('ping', ['-n','25','localhost'],. . . If that works like you would expect, there may be something insi

Categories : Javascript

FileMode and FileAccess and IOException: The process cannot access the file 'filename' because it is being used by another process
You need to release control of the file from Program A. Try closing or disposing the streamwriter when you finish. Or you might attempt using as is described in the answer to this question: Releasing access to files

Categories : C#

Symfony2 Process component - unable to create pipe and launch a new process
The file handles are not being garbage collected, so they eventually fill up (os limit or php limit, not sure), but you can fix it by adding an explicit garbage collection call: gc_collect_cycles(); usleep($sleep * 1000000); Also, be forwarned that garbage collection doesn't work very well inside a foreach loop because of the way that php maps the temporary $foo as $bar => $var array variables into memory. If you need it in that part of the code you could switch it to something like this instead, which I think should allow for garbage collection inside the for loop: $processes[] = new Process("ls > /dev/null", null, null, null, 2); $processes[] = new Process("date > /dev/null", null, null, null, 2); $sleep = 0; do { $count = count($processes); for($i = 0; $i < $co

Categories : PHP

How to trigger an automatic screen lock process on my android phone after a specified process running specified time?
How unlock and lock screen programatically in android Has some excellent information on immediately calling the lock screen. You could implement a system using an alarm manager to trigger this event.

Categories : Android

Is a multi process Java program a single process in the context of the actual machine underneath the JVM it is running on?
You're confused between processes and processors. A JVM counts as a single process on your machine, yes. When you start the JVM it runs as a program and it executes Java byte code. A JVM can address all the processors on you machine. When you start a Thread in Java it executes on an available processor.

Categories : Java

PHP ajax process 404 page not found error before complete the process
You can rise the time that a script is allowed to execute: http://php.net/manual/de/function.set-time-limit.php Give attention to your max_execution_time in php.ini But i wouldnt suggest if you are doing this in the frontend then it sounds more like an performance problem of your script. No user want to wait more than 4 seconds for website. Also 2 seconds are too long.

Categories : PHP

Getting the list of child process, called by a parent process in Linux
The f option of the ps command will help. Try: ps afx This will show all processes and will visualize parent -> child dependencies in the console.

Categories : Linux

Error "The process cannot access....becuse it is being used by another process. " in Delete Image
When you use Image.FromFile, that will open a file handle to that file and keep it open until the image is disposed. You should: Only call Image.FromFile once and reuse the object in Setimage (you're loading it twice in a single if condition...) Dispose of every Image when you're done with it Dispose of the old BackgroundImage before you set the new one So long as you dispose of every Image which is related to the file before you delete the file, you should be okay.

Categories : C#

Using Start-Process for starting a process having its full command line
Do you need start-process? Can you invoke the executable directly? & "C:Dir 1Dir 2executable.exe" -arg1 "value 1" -arg2 "value 2" See help about_Operators and for info on & (call) operator. Bill

Categories : Powershell

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