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Problem to plot 3D surface with R‏
Try this to see why I don't think this data is well suited for wireframe: cloud(Z~X+Y, data=FI02, xlab="X", ylab="Y", main="Surface elevation", type="l", screen=list(z=-60, x=-60))

Categories : R

kruskal.test shows "All group levels must be finite" error. What is the problem?
It should work if you run data$Grp <- as.factor(data$Grp) Then (as before): kruskal.test(data$Val, data$Grp) This is because Grp is a character not a factor and is.finite applied to an object of character class is always false (see ?is.finite).

Categories : R

Netscape Enterprise Server and Server-Side JavaScript (SSJS) vs Node.js
The main difference would be the evolution of Javascript over the the past 15+ years. Node.js uses the V8 Javascript Engine which would be far more optimized for modern computers. Wikipedia has a good list of the differences between various server-side JS solutions. Here is a list of features for Netscape Enterprise Server - provides a good idea of what makes modern SSJS solutions much better. Why did it not gain attention? Realistically, client-side JS has only recently started to become the standard for web development so it was unlikely anybody would have considered using it for server-side development when it wasn't even really widely adopted for it's original purpose. I say widely adopted in that previously it was always difficult to cater JavaScript solutions to all browsers.

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