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Retrieving ascx control value from a callback registered on master page. Control added to Repeater's PlaceHolder during OnItemCreated

I'm not sure what changed, maybe it was taking the break to rubber duck debug using all of the above. I've gone back and tried tweaking some of the things I had before (order of insertion, which call to use, etc) to see if they make a difference, but either way, the Control is now being persisted in the ViewState properly with the above code. It is available on postback from the master page call so long as the following is added (bullet #1 of what I tried before):

    protected override void LoadViewState(object savedState)

Earlier, savedState was only showing the List<int> added to it to maintain selected options. At some point in tweaking and debugging, I saw that the controls I created were now in the viewstate, and adding a RefreshOptions call worked. This means on postback for add/remove there are two calls to RefreshOptions, but I can either work around that or ignore it, since behavior is still correct. Thanks for looking!

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