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Getting Error Fatal error during compilation org.apache.tools.ant.BuildException: Compilation Failed. in grails app

A couple of suggestions. The most likely answer is applications.properties specifying something different to BuildConfig.groovy.

  1. You are running 2.0.0. How about at least trying 2.0.4 as there would be bug fixes?

  2. BuildConfig.groovy doesn't look like the authoritative source. e.g. tomcat is specified as 2.0.0 specifically so you don't have the typical upgrade problem, where in 2.3.x these plugins moved from $grailsVersion.

    Check application.properties. The grails version in there will be 2.0.0 - can see this from the startup. The tomcat and hibernate versions may be specified here as the versions you see in the startup.

  3. grails clean and/or delete .grails directory in your home directory.

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