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Screen capture delay due to writing data in the file
I think it is not possible as pointed by mah as well. The code below will help you keep the app responsive while you are writing the image in memory. This is because the UI/main thread is busy in writing the captured screenshot in memory. So the easiest way to solve this issue is AsyncTask. public CaptureScreenShot extends Activity { ArrayList<bitmap> arrayListImage; int i=0; pub

Categories : Android

How to rename (refactor) a c macro in eclipse
Open the rename dialog by typing Alt+Shift+R twice. See whether it works. Use SourceInsight smart rename function. As Basile mentioned, use text editor like Emacas and Vi.

Categories : C

How to add items to a List Control in an MFC dialog
First, make sure you chose the Report option of the View property of the List Control in the Resource Editor. I suspect that you are using the default Icon view, which is not what you want. Then, you need to add the required columns: m_lstIDC_LIST1Control.InsertColumn(0, _T("Full Name"), LVCFMT_LEFT, 90); m_lstIDC_LIST1Control.InsertColumn(1, _T("Profession"), LVCFMT_LEFT, 90); m_lstIDC_LIST1Con

Categories : C++

Issues creating new Rails app (rake 10.1.0/Bundler failure)
maybe this helps you http://blog.oasic.net/2012/04/solutions-to-invalid-byte-sequence-in.html the problem is not in gems!

Categories : Ruby On Rails

dropdown list fill from MYSQL
in fill_gov() you need to select both gov_id and area_name command.CommandText = "select gov_id, gov_name from gov"; set value from gov_id item_1.Value = (ds_1.Tables[0].Rows[i]["gov_id"].ToString()); item_1.Text = ds_1.Tables[0].Rows[i]["gov_name"].ToString(); and change the fill_area() select sql as below command.CommandText = "select area_name from area where area_name !='' and gov_i

Categories : C#

OpenGL in Java, Manual creatation of gluLookAt matrix
OpenGL uses column-major matrices. You appear to be filling your matrix row-by-row, this would actually work in Direct3D (row-major) FYI. The simplest solution would be to call mLookatMx.transpose (...) (if you were using a proper matrix class); this would flip the rows and columns for you. However, since you are using a plain old FloatBuffer, you need to put (...) the contents of your matrix on

Categories : Java

Can you fake a join in Mongo aggregation
According to the MongoDB Aggregation docs there's no direct equivalent for SQL's JOIN, which would allow aggregating data from multiple collections in a single query.

Categories : Mongodb

Getting java.lang.NullPointerException when calling Method.invoke
The parameter that you pass to invoke must be an object on which the method is invoked, unless the method is static. What you did through reflection is equivalent to this: MyTest obj = null; obj.testBlah(); Naturally, there's an NPE. To fix this problem, pass an object on which to invoke the method, or make the method static. Here is one way to make a fix: public <T> void parse(Class<

Categories : Java

Reasoning behind shifting over the text whem mismatch occurs in KMP algorithm?
I am not sure that you've got problems with understanding in only this point, so, if you don't mind, I'll just describe (with as much explanation as possible) the whole algorithm. The answer to your question is probably in the last paragraph, but you'd better read it all to understand my terminology better. During the KMP algorithm, you are, actually, counting nearly the same values as in the ta

Categories : String

System.out.println - cannot resolve symbol
Are you using any IDE or writing in a notepad and then compiling? If using IDE, check if JRE library is there in build path. If using plain editor, you may need to setup CLASSPATH environment variable with java library. At least <java_home>jrelib t.jar is important one.

Categories : Java

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